Ryan Sayers for District Attorney


About Ryan

Ryan Sayers has risen to the top ranks of the legal profession while remaining grounded in the values of the people of Clearfield County.

Ryan Sayers, 31, is seeking the post of District Attorney, promising a strong law-and-order agenda in an office that, he believes, has been too lenient and pleaded down too many cases, which has contributed to a growth in drug-related and other crimes.

In 2017, of the almost 1,200 criminal cases filed in Clearfield County, only four of them went to a jury verdict," he said. "The rest of those cases were bargained down."

As a conservative Republican, Sayers says he is determined to step up enforcement and seek stronger punishment, especially for drug dealers.


"The law is one thing that defines us as a civilization and governs our actions with the world around us," Sayers observes. "We need to respect the process, not find shortcuts around it with needless plea bargains designed simply to make an elected official's life easier."


More About Ryan

Sayers was raised in Clearfield County. He is President of the Clearfield County Bar Association.


As District Attorney, Ryan Sayers promises to make your Clearfield County a better place to live and work by:

  1. Aiding law enforcement in disrupting the flow of drugs into Clearfield County.

  2. Seeking hard time in state prison for dealing of hard drugs in the County.

  3. Implementing drug court for the low-level users in Clearfield County to free up the court and prison resources for major offenders.